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Innovative from conviction

Deutsche Börse Group offers an innovative range of indices and or index solutions, which stand for maximum transparency, reliability and precision. With our indices, we are continuously expanding the possibilities to investors to react to specific market situations, or to systematically invest according to individual requirements.

The industry has already rewarded us seven times for our efforts with the “Most innovative ETF Index Provider Europe” award. This prize is awarded to individuals and companies that have made a valuable contribution to the further development of the global ETF industry.

Since January 2010, Deutsche Börse AG and SIX Group AG became the sole shareholder of STOXX Ltd. In July 2015, STOXX has been fully taken over by Deutsche Börse Group. For our customers this means one single point of contact for all index brands.

In September 2019, STOXX became a part of Qontigo.

Qontigo is a financial intelligence innovator and a leader in the modernization of investment management, from risk to return. The combination of the group’s world-class indices and best-of-breed analytics, with its technological expertise and customer-driven innovation, enables its clients to achieve competitive advantage in a rapidly changing marketplace. Qontigo’s global client base includes the world’s largest financial products issuers, capital owners and asset managers. Created in 2019 through the combination of Axioma, DAX and STOXX, Qontigo is part of Deutsche Börse Group, headquartered in Eschborn with key locations in New York, Zug and London.


Index Licensing

STOXX calculates and publishes over 10,000 indices under national and international registered trademarks which make its markets transparent, and facilitate both comparison and investment. Investors, asset managers, financial services providers and private investors use these indices as a benchmark for traded financial instruments in general, or for actively managed portfolios.

The indices are also used as an underlying for a large number of financial instruments worldwide. These include structured products, ETFs, passively managed index funds, index-linked notes, OTC options, swaps, insurance policies and other index-linked financial assets. The growth of the market for structured products in particular has led to the wide distribution and use of the indices.

Companies that want to issue financial instruments based on STOXX index concepts and indices underlying the licensed trademarks must conclude an index licensing agreement. Under an Index licensing agreement STOXX grants the licensee the right to issue, distribute, have listed, trade and advertise specific financial instruments which are based on licensable indices and their index concepts, using the trademark concerned.

For more information, please contact the sales team of STOXX Ltd. (